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How to open .PRN files?


Causes of .PRN File Errors

Missing software and file associations are the most common cause of .PRN file problems. It is highly recommended that you scan your PC using the Windows File Repair Tool - Registry Reviver. It will analyze your files and determine if there are errors that are causing you to have .PRN file problems.

Common Symptoms

.PRN file error symptoms can include the inability to open .PRN files, program lock-ups, crashes, affected PC performance, startup and shut down problems, and installation errors.

Fixing the Problem

Fixing the problem can be as easy as a couple of clicks. First download and run the Windows File Repair Tool - Registry Reviver, next click scan to analyze your files, and finally repair the errors found quickly, easily and safely.

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Fix problems with .PRN Files

step 1

Download & Run Registry Reviver

step 2

Click 'Scan' to analyze your files

step 3

Click 'Repair' and you're done!

More information about .PRN File Extensions

Files in the PRN format are generic files that are created by choosing “Print to File” within the Print dialog box. Files in this format may contain images, text, charts, tables and other content to be printed. Accompanied by this are the instructions sent to the printer such as the printer tray to use, the number of pages to printed out, and other relevant data. Such files are also similar to a PostScript (PS) file. PRN files can be printed in the Mac OS X by simply clicking and dragging the file to be printed out to the printer icon located in the desktop. To print such files in Windows, the user shall right-click the file and selecting "Microsoft Office Document Imaging". Another option would be to open PRN files through Windows’ command line by simply running it through the Start Menu “Run”. Manually opening and converting such file is not advised as it may damage or corrupt the files .

Visit our File Extension Library to find out more about .PRN files.

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